About 401kSecure®

Nearly 50 million working Americans have staked a large part of their and their family's financial futures on the success of their 401k plans. Yet few realize that, when they become disabled, contributions to their retirement savings plans stop. As a result, they can face a catastrophic loss of their retirement assets at age 65 - the very time when payments from disability insurance programs terminate.

Not too many years ago the disability risk was minimal. Most workers were covered by defined benefit pension programs that continued to accrue benefits upon a disability. However, today's retirement program of choice - the 401k plan - does not continue contributions for disabled employees. This means the disability risk has been completely shifted to the employees, who must now self-insure it; and hope that they have adequate financial resources to pay their "claim" if they become disabled.

Our mission is to guarantee that ALL 401k plan participants have the peace of mind of knowing that contributions to savings plans will continue when they are disabled, so their retirement assets continue to grow as if they were working.

To accomplish that goal we have created 401kSecure® to address a primary concern of all Americans - the safety and integrity of their retirement and savings programs.

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