Frequently Asked Questions

Can't disabled employees use their group LTD benefits to offset the loss of their 401k contributions?

Very few disabled employees receive LTD payments that are large enough to enable them to maintain their standard of living and save for their retirement.

Can't employees purchase additional LTD insurance to invest if they become disabled?

Most insurance companies severely limit the amount of disability insurance employees can purchase to limit the risk of anti-selection. In addition, even if the coverage were available, the cost would be relatively high and evidence of insurability would be required.

How do you make sure the insurance is non-discriminatory under IRS Section 401(b) rules?

By calculating insurance eligibility and coverage amount based upon the prior plan year's contributions, the insurance is provided in a non-discriminatory fashion within the plan. Participants who made a contribution to the plan are eligible for insurance coverage that is equal to the amount of contributions in the prior plan year.

If the employer makes an additional contribution to pay for the premium, does this impact the discrimination testing?

If a special premium contribution is made to pay the insurance premium for eligible participants, and it is structured as an additional matching contribution, it would be included as a contribution in the prior plan year. This special contribution could then be tested for the prior plan year under IRC Section 401(m) using a last day of the plan year rule.

If, on the other hand, the special premium contribution is made on behalf of all eligible participants, and it is structured as a non-elective contribution, it would be subject to current year testing under the general nondiscrimination test of IRC Section 401(a)(4). This test would easily be passed if the premium were the same amount for all eligible participants.

How do you pass IRC Section 415 maximum annual additions?

Since the insurance policy is an investment of the plan, any disability benefits paid into the plan would be deemed to be investment returns rather than contributions under IRC Section 415.

Is the insurance subject to the incidental benefit limits?

Yes - they cannot exceed 25% of aggregate contributions.

How are premiums paid?

The record keeper will initiate a monthly transaction to pay the premium from the plan.

How are benefits paid?

After the insurer has verified a participant as benefit eligible, a monthly disability benefit will be sent to the trustee. The insurer will notify the record keeper of whom is receiving the benefit and the amount of the benefit payment.

How are disability benefits invested?

The benefits are paid to the plan for the benefit of the disabled participants and are invested according to the participant's election, just like any other plan asset within their account.

How is the plan document affected?

Since the insurance is included within the plan, the plan document will be amended to include the insurance as a plan provision.

What are the tax and ERISA implications of 401kSecure®?

401kSecure® tax and ERISA issues are addressed by Internal Revenue Service regulations and have been reviewed by Groom Law Group. Please contact us for additional information.

What issued patents apply to 401kSecure?

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